by Martin Sowa

With Bluetooth speakers can usually have a lot of fun, without having to build complicated hi-fi systems. However, there are also a lot of products which are only due to unusual design and some inexplicable trend factor successfully – in terms of sound quality but, at best, half-baked results deliver. Since it would be the music fan, if a manufacturer makes a try, despite this questionable marketing strategies on developing in all respects convincing Bluetooth speakers and then also brings with a very good price-performance ratio on the market. Exactly applies to Auluxe, which now have a whole range wireless speaker for everyone in the program. Specifically, we assume at this point to MB1 or “aura” under the microscope. The is one of the simpler models and can therefore be extremely well, especially in very “tidy”, simple ambience running.


Simple design with a clever construction: The Auluxe MB1 Aura.

Auluxe – symbiosis of audio and luxury

In Germany Auluxe starts distribution of SaxxTec Although just really, but the brand has already been established in 2007 and aims with a team of experienced audio engineers and manufactured in complete self-work units show a high demand. Course design and processing are also important, sound quality and value for money, however, should not overshadow. That finally happened already enough other manufacturers and so Auluxe focuses on sophisticated concepts instead of faceless mass production.


Side view: The angled front (left) directs the sound upwards.

Straightforward design

For this reason, the Auluxe products differ visually and sometimes very significantly from one another. The Aura is in a silvery casing which has quite in shape similar to the monitor speakers on rock concert stages. The sloping front directs the sound upwards, thereby making sure that one can get the full load of sound when the Aura for example is on the desk. The front consists largely of a metal grille, at the lower edge of the manufacturer’s logo and including a LED mounted. The LED provides information on the operating status – white for An, blue for Bluetooth.Under the grille is a recess in which the light from the LED a little “distributed” and therefore extends to the rounded corners of Auluxe.

On the very top of the clutter Aura one looks in vain for any buttons or knobs. Instead, here a NFC Area has Auluxe for Bluetooth connection via Near Field Communication (more on that below) and integrates a touch operation with which the volume can be adjusted. For this you need only the hand to the left or right side to reduce the level (on the left) to increase or (right). The LED flashes briefly in contact, so that it shows immediately whether the “command” was successful. In terms of sound makes it namely not be noticed immediately, because the gradation is very finely selected for volume control – the gradation on the player (in our case a smartphone) has been working there with much larger jumps.


On the very top of the clutter Aura a touch operation is integrated.

On the back of the terminals aura and other control elements are finally housed. From left to right, these are the pairing button on the Bluetooth connection, a 3.5 mm jack, the large and circular on / off button, the connection for the power cable and a USB port – which, however, does not serve the power supply for the Aura, but has the ability to recharge the smart phone or other mobile device while the Aura is in operation (though it must be used charging cable for each device, the Aura itself brings namely with none). The jack is of course intended for devices that do not have Bluetooth feature, such as a PC or TV.

At the bottom of Aura provide four rubber feet for safe and above all not slip. Because the aura is with a weight of just 1.8 kilograms fairly light. One more reason, it set up on a stable and firm surface – a wobbly garden table made of plastic is not suitable for a noisy celebration, because it increases the risk of falling and the sound quality is reduced. At this point, however, should also be right that the Aura is designed primarily for use inside buildings. On the desk, dresser or shelf so he feels very comfortable.


At the bottom of Aura provide four rubber feet for safe and above all not slip.

Game Ready in no time

The commissioning of the Aura is extremely fast. Of course you should bear in mind that a few hours break-in period can not hurt, so the Bluetooth speaker to deliver its full potential.Nevertheless, it takes just a few handles until you hear music. First of all, the aura it to the mains supply must be connected to a suitable cable together with an external power supply lies with and is simply plugged on the back. Then there are three options to supply the Aura with music. The “classical” variant includes the supplied jack cable that is plugged into the source player and the Aura. Of course, this variant is particularly suitable for stationary source devices such as a PC or television. In general, the aura is of course particularly well suited as a supplement to the PC at work – outlets are there usually present in any case and the oblique front directs the sound directly to a seated at a desk users of Aura.

Anyone who wants to better move instead in the room, rather uses the Bluetooth connection. For this purpose, it must be enabled on the source player and are then searched by pairing button on the back of the Aura for available devices. Within a few seconds appeared the aura as “MB1” in the device list on the smartphone (or the used source player) on. Tapping it takes, and the connection is established and the played on the smartphone music is streamed to the aura. Who has an NFC-enabled source device, can enable this feature there and then simply hold the device to the corresponding area marked on the Aura. If appropriate, an opening message on the Smart Device with “Connect” or “Confirm” has yet to be confirmed, then the compound is also active here. The Aura also has a short voice message indicates whether a connection has been activated or separately.


On the back of the Aura more sockets and other control elements are housed.

Amazingly full of sound

We chose the test for normal Bluetooth connection, as this is likely at least for now still likely to be the most commonly used variant. The connection works as described above without any problem, we can rapidly send music to the aura. The hearing test we start with the title “Red Eyes” of the US indie rock band “The War On Drugs”, around the same time try a rather complex and played with a whole range Instruments piece. Because frankly, we expect there not too much and have it set so that various details will perish. But the aura proved us wrong, and plays like the already tested by us larger model New Casa very dynamic and alive on. This is of course the fact that we are dealing with a full range speaker, whose strengths lie in general especially in the field of space and precision. While in the verses, the agility of the rhythm section is very good effect, may in the chorus then join the entire ensemble and spans a beautiful, space-filling and intoxicating atmosphere. The fact that none of the instruments is pushed into the background, is very impressive given the compact size of the aura.


The front consists largely of a metal grille.

At the same time, of course, also raises the question of how the aura is good addition to his proven qualities as all-rounder as a specialist. Therefore we look for with “Barefoot on the piano” by “AnnenMayKantereit” a much more minimalist tischeres piece of, to be used exclusively in the piano and singing. Here the aura but fits directly and bring the one hand a very balanced foundation of the lower octaves and also a very mature detailed representation of the tunes produced, which is even to be quite wide soundstage in the room. Simultaneously, the distinctive, deep voice of singer Henning May remains very clearly positioned in the middle of playback. Many compact and priced rather in far lower segment settled Bluetooth speakers is usually a point which fails and ends in quirky sound. Not so with the aura of the “Milky Chance” excellent get along even with the rather harsh to some even scratchy voice of Clemens Rehbein, singer of the duo. This is particularly evident is the instrumental palette increasingly complemented the song “Indigo”. For the Aura no problem, the simple accordingly the soundstage continually updated without losing any precision. So if at work on PC enjoys listening to music and can spare on the desk still footprint of about 35 by 12 centimeters, is available for just 159 euros Auluxe Aura should listen Seriously thus quite.


The LED provides information on the operating status – White confirmed operation, blue Bluetooth reception.


With very high quality processing as well as good sound shows Auluxe with the aura can also that Bluetooth speakers look good and make good music. With a compact design and very intuitive operation and commissioning, the Aura is therefore suitable for almost anyone looking for a compact speaker that can be used both as a desktop box or as a receiver for contacts stored on your smartphone music.